we are home

Ultimately, life is comprised of the little details
that make life more comfortable.

At Sima we offer easy access to all
the energy services needed to make
your family project a success.

we are comfort


we are future

At Amsi we provide energy
for large projects that you start up,
from home heating to a complete
instalation for large projects.

we are energy


home and communities


Enjoy all the comforts and the best services for your home and community. Discover our hot water, heating, gas installation, plumbing and air conditioning services among others.

At Amsi we have a great team of technicians with extensive experience at your service. They will make sure you have peace of mind, knowing that your installation has all the guarantees you need.



Are you an entrepreneur? Or do you already have your own company?

Leave the gas, domestic hot water, plumbing, water treatment, hvac, fire systems, energy management services and much more in expert hands, so that you’ll only have to worry about your customers


Heating is 47% of the energy consumption in a home, that’s why it’s so important to choose the heating system that’s most suitable for every situation, always looking for energy efficiency and savings.


Amsi is an authorised gas installation company with more than two decades of experience.

Switch over to the most efficient energy and enjoy a supply with no cuts or interruptions, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Would you like to enjoy more clean and efficient energy?

Aerothermics is a technology that extracts most of its energy from the air, so it does not pollute and is very economical. It is used to provide cold, heat and hot water. At Amsi we have a team who are expert in the installation of systems both for individual homes and businesses.


You wouldn’t believe it could be sustainable, with so many advantages.

We carry out thermal solar energy installations to cover needs such as hot water or as a support system for heating and air conditioning.


Do you need to reduce costs in your home or business?

Our energy management department will help you to improve your use of energy and to reduce your expenses


If you need to install, renew, or carry out maintenance on your boiler, water heater, or gas tank we offer a wide range of top-branded products and fast installation at the best possible prices


SIMA Group

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